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Do you find yourself dreaming of a large and luxurious spa bathroom? We do too! A space where you can take relaxing baths to unwind after long days or to perform much-needed self-care. Unfortunately, not everyone has the bathroom space to make this a reality. At Karoshome, we believe everyone deserves a luxurious spa bathroom, regardless of their actual bathroom size. We have compiled these tips to help you experience the luxury of a bigger bathroom space from the comfort of your home.    

  • Less is More    

    The first step is to select a décor that is understated and simple; stay away from décor trends that require a lot of accessories or decorations. Complex decors can make your bathroom seem cluttered and even smaller than it already is. Instead, opt for minimalist styles, and create a uniform aesthetic by carefully selecting the proper silhouettes and finishes. If you are trying to create a modern and contemporary space, incorporate strong lines, sharp edges, and sleek finishes in the shapes of your bathroom faucets and furniture. For something a little more relaxed and charming, like bohemian décor, you can incorporate rounded figures and textured finishes in your faucets and furniture. For additional décor inspiration, check out our Bathroom Redecorating Guide!   

    • Install Concealed Hardware & Faucets    

    Save space and create a modern bathroom feel using concealed shower faucets. Concealed faucets sit behind your shower wall to save space, make your shower look uncluttered, and give your bathroom a modern feel. They are available in many colors and finishes to complement different shower tile designs. The Karoshome Jadi Shower System in brushed gold features a round and elegant showerhead, making it perfect for luxury bathroom spaces and marble shower tile. For a more industrial bathroom feel, check out the Karoshome Nosh Pressure Balanced Shower System in matte black; it is designed with a squared showerhead, hand-held attachment, and control dials to blend in perfectly with classic subway tiles.  

    karoshome pressure balance shower system
    • Reflect on Your Mirror Size    

    Another great and inexpensive way to make your bathroom space seem bigger is to use mirrors creatively and strategically. Mirrors reflect light that can make your bathroom appear brighter and more spacious than it is. Start by thinking about your traditional vanity mirror. Perhaps you can replace it with a large mirror to reflect more light. You can also incorporate statement mirrors that add to your bathroom decor. From free-standing to wall-mounted, the statement mirror styles and variations are endless. *Remember! You must add your statement mirror in a way that does not take up additional space, or it will defeat the purpose.  

    mirror can make small bathroom bigger
    • Coordinate the Colors   

    Choosing the right colors can impact how big or small your bathroom space appears. To give the illusion that your bathroom is bigger and more open, stick to lighter tones like white, off-white, and beige. These neutral tones do not create a stark contrast between your walls and bathroom ceiling, making your ceilings seem higher and your bathroom more spacious. Are light tones not your style? You can still incorporate color on the walls, but make sure your crown molding remains the same color as the ceiling. Another great way to add contrasting elements to your bathroom décor is with matte black faucets. Matte black faucets are sleek and elegant, making them the perfect way to add a pop of color without removing brightness.   

    • Make Your Cabinets Float   

    Floating cabinets are the perfect way to create space while maintaining convenient storage for personal items. They mount to the wall and appear to float, giving your bathroom a more contemporary look and feel. The additional space they free up on the floor can make your bathroom seem large or can be used to store other items to create space elsewhere. The best part about floating cabinets is that they come in different configurations, making them perfect for any bathroom size. Given that your bathroom has enough space for two sinks, you can select a double cabinet configuration. However, if your bathroom is small, floating cabinets are available as a single module.    

    bathroom floating cabinets
    • Invite in Natural Light    

    Filling your bathroom with natural light is another great way to create the illusion of space. This trick helps to illuminate the walls and deliver more light that will bounce off the mirrors to make your bathroom seem roomier and brighter. The best way to achieve this light is to clear any obstructions from your bathroom window to let in the sunlight. If your bathroom window is too small, or you do not have a bathroom window, you can always create natural light! Look for bulbs that specify “Natural” light color temperatures or implement modern LED lighting that allows you to select from a range of color temperatures.    

    • Create Efficient Storage Space

    The final tip is to use your space wisely! While people with large bathrooms can rely on cabinet storage, people with small bathrooms must find innovative ways to store things like toiletries, hair products, and even toilet paper. One popular method is to use the space above your toilet! You can easily find shelving designed to hang on the wall or stand above the toilet tank. When selecting the style, choose something understated and minimalist to avoid a cluttered look and feel. You can also try using a bathroom caddy, a small plastic basket that holds your hair and bath products. You can store it in your bedroom and bring it to the bathroom with you when needed.   

    Transform with Karoshome   

    So, which tips will you be implementing?  

    From the lighting to the accessories, there is always a way to create the bathroom space you want and deserve. And Karoshome is here to help! We have a wide selection of bathroom faucets and accessories, perfect for creating the bathroom of your dreams in any space, large or small. We use only the best materials to deliver durability and quality your family can count on and offer friendly customer service to address your questions or concerns.  

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