Home Decor: What's The Best Style To Redecorate a Bathroom?

You have finally finished the messy restructuring, and it is time to style your brand-new bathroom. But where to begin? Do you select the tile or paint the walls? Neither! 

Creating a Mood Board

Your first step should be to create a mood board. If you’re new to mood boards, it is a collage of images you put together to generate a visual representation of what you’d like your bathroom to look like. They are super simple and fun to design. Using an online program or a physical poster board, mood boards allow you to try out many configurations until you find the one you like best.

Do you still have questions? Don’t worry! Here are a few mood boards we’ve carefully curated to show you how it’s done and give you some dream bathroom inspiration.

1.  Contemporary Matte Black

Modern and Matte Black is in! Create the modern bathroom of your dreams using matte black faucets and sleek accessories. In this mood board, we’ve kept the matte black faucets as the focus of the aesthetic by pairing them with an elegant yet contrasting marble mosaic.

Stylish and powerful, the generous rain shower provides a luxury you can see and feel. In keeping with the modern theme, we’ve also included a sleek and frameless mirror equipped with LED lighting, a chic indoor floor plant, and simple yet charming candles.

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matte black bathroom remodel idea

2: Bohemian Brushed Gold

Are you going for something a little more romantic and relaxed? We’ve got you covered! This mood board will transport you to a Bohemian dreamland with its coral tones and natural elements. We’ve coupled a beautiful brushed gold tub faucet with a brick mosaic and a classic gold mirror to add a touch of luxury.

The tub faucet pictured is wall-mounted, perfect if you are working with smaller bathroom space. We also brought nature to the mix, using a wicker laundry basket and a twine-wrapped pendant light.

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Bohemian Brushed Gold bathroom inspiration

3: Luxury Peridot Green

Nothing says luxury quite like brushed gold faucets. In this mood board, we made the bold decision to pair brushed gold finishes with peridot green accents, and the result is striking! The sleek and modern shower set perfectly complements the simple green mosaic.

The shower set’s simple control dials and handheld attachment are so elegant that they blend in as a part of the décor. Finally, we included varying textures between the mirror, the lampshade, and the candles, to add just the right amount of contrast without overwhelming the eyes.

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Luxury Peridot Green bathroom inspiration

4: Mediterranean Sunset

Our goal with this mood board was to capture the magic of the Mediterranean. We paired terracotta-toned tiles with a large and luxurious brushed gold shower set. The tone and silhouette of this shower set add a touch of refinement to the carefree Mediterranean vibe.

We also incorporated a rustic spin using an unvarnished accent stool, a textured gold mirror frame, and a patterned laundry hamper. Instead of traditional floor plants, this look was ideal for succulents such as this large and elegant cactus plant.

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Mediterranean Sunset bathroom remodel inspiration

5: Earthy Chic

Perfect for a natural escape, this mood board incorporates the best of natural elements with modern finishes to create a relaxing indoor oasis. We’ve combined earthy-toned tiles, wood accessories, and indoor plants to include as many natural elements as possible. The round matte black faucet features a soft silhouette that blends elegantly with the earth elements while adding a modern twist. Delicate accents such as the wall-shelf and the bathroom tray keep this bathroom space relaxed and chic.

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Earthy Chic bathroom inspiration idea

The best part about a mood board is that it is constantly evolving, and you don’t have to get it right the first time. As you’re looking for elements, you will come across new ideas until you have the perfect vision for your bathroom space. For regular dream bathroom inspiration, make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram, where we highlight the most beautiful bathroom interiors daily. And once you’ve designed your mood board using Karoshome faucets, tag us; we’d love to see it! 



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