Matte Black: Trending Bathroom Fixture Finish in 2022
Is it time to renovate your bathroom? If you’re staring at subway tiles, a water-stained tub filler, and plastic control dials then the answer is yes. But before you go out searching for the best shower systems, you might want to learn about what’s trending in bathroom design this year. We’ve done the hard work for you and compiled this guide to provide the trending aesthetic, color, and configuration for showers this 2022.

Trending Bathroom Aesthetic: Modern Luxury

As we move through 2022, we are witnessing the increasing popularity of combining natural elements in light tones with modern elements in darker tones. This is especially true of shower systems and bathroom tub faucets. Combining light walls that resemble natural stone with dark and bold fixtures creates a modern and graceful bathroom aesthetic. Take for example the Friki Wall Mounted Tub Faucet in matte black. When paired with a sleek marble wall, the wall-mounted tub faucet becomes more than a simple appliance and adds a touch of luxury to your modern bathroom décor. The same is true when we pair the Qexle 12 Inch Ceiling Mounted Shower System in matte black with a grey stone shower wall; the variation in color and texture between the sleek black metal and the coarse grey stone creates a luxurious aesthetic for an unrivaled shower experience.

Trending Color: Matte Black

Bold, elegant, and classic, the most popular bathroom color of 2022 is matte black. Whether your bathroom walls are bright and cheery or dark and refined, black matte shower systems, faucets, and tub fillers will add the perfect amount of sophistication and luxury to any bathroom. Karoshome offers luxury shower systems, bathtub fillers, and faucets in matte black to perfectly complement the bathroom design of your preference. Pair the Ouverdot Deck Mounted Sink Faucet with a sleek marble sink or the Leaper 2-Spray Thermostatic Shower System with a stylish glass-tile shower for a state-of-the-art bathroom aesthetic.

Exposed vs. Concealed Bathroom Fixture: Which One Will Complete the Look?

When it comes to concealed versus exposed shower systems, in 2022 we are seeing a lot of both. While exposed pipe shower systems were previously regarded as bulky, they are making a comeback in industrial décor. Karoshome offers sleek and modern options, like the Amexty Exposed Rainfall Shower Set in matte black. This dual shower system features a modern silhouette with piping that mounts on top of your shower wall for a simple installation and an elegant exterior that will elevate your industrial bathroom décor.
Exposed showers may have gained popularity, but concealed shower sets have remained a staple of modern and luxury bathroom design. With concealed showers, the piping rests inside of your shower wall and allows for a sleek and seamless exterior. The Arrio 10 Inch Thermostatic Shower System in a matte black finish features a compact control dial, making it a great option for any modern shower, large or small.

Matte Black is a Timeless Finish

Matte black faucets are a natural choice, while they are bold and unabashedly modern. Matte Black is also a timeless and something that will never lose its appeal. While we offer other finishes such as brushed nickel and gold, matte black is still a safe option that you won't get bored with. In addition to being a great choice for modern aesthetics, it also works well for classic ones. This can make a modern design bolder and a classic design more relevant.


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