Bathroom Shower Cleaning and Maintenance Tips
Few home improvement projects are as pivotal as the renovation of your shower. Your shower helps you prepare for the most exciting days and helps you wash away the stress of the most unpleasant moments. Installing a new shower system can require tedious work and substantial costs, such as plumbing modifications, but is proven to add great value and comfort to your home. If you still need help deciding on the best shower system for your home, make sure to check out The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Shower Fixture. After you have made the big switch, it is important to protect this home investment with proper cleaning and care. This guide will provide you with detailed tips on cleaning, a suggested cleaning and maintenance schedule, and a list of things to avoid so that you can keep your luxury shower system performing seamlessly for as long as possible.  

Materials Needed

Before you begin the cleaning process, you want to collect the right materials to clean your shower. Different shower systems are created with different finishes; you want to make sure that the cleaning supplies you are using will not corrode or damage your shower system exterior. Karoshome’s full-body shower systems are created with durable and corrosion-resistant brass and stainless steel, making them simple and affordable to clean and maintain. To perform a thorough cleaning, you will need a cleaning solution of your preference, a spray bottle, a scrubber/sponge made of plastic fibers, and a washcloth. The safest and most affordable option is to create your own cleaning solution at home, using only two ingredients found in your kitchen: water and vinegar. Vinegar has been proven effective in both disinfecting and removing hard water stains from metal exteriors. Add 1 part water and 1 part vinegar into a clean spray bottle and mix well.

Proper Cleaning Steps

Now that you’ve collected your materials, it's time to get cleaning!

  1. First, take your spray bottle filled with your cleaning solution and spray down your entire shower system. This includes the showerheads, the handheld shower, the body jets, and the control dials. If you have anexposed shower system like the Karoshome Ortoly, you will also want to cover the pipes and attachments in the cleaning solution.
  2. Next, let the entire shower set soak in the cleaning solution for 20 – 30 minutes.
  3. After it has soaked, you can take your scrubber and gently scrub the exterior.
  4. Rinse off the cleaning solution with water.
  5. Using a handcloth or towel, dry off the shower system to reduce streaks and water stains.

For extra thorough cleaning, you can carefully remove your showerheads and fully immerse them in a container filled with cleaning solution for 20 – 30 minutes. The cleaning solution will penetrate the showerhead panel and loosen debris that may have accumulated over time.

It is recommended to perform a deep cleaning of your shower system at least once a week. This will help you avoid tough water stains, enjoy optimal water pressure, and keep your full shower system in mint condition.

Daily Maintenance

Performing quick and regular maintenance every time you shower can help reduce the time you spend deep scrubbing while keeping your shower looking fresh for as long as possible. It can take less than a minute and only two additional steps! The key factor to consider is moisture. Moisture promotes the growth of bacteria and dries to leave obnoxious water stains on your shower system. After you are done showering, you want to reduce the amount of moisture left on your shower system parts and walls. This will help reduce the growth of bacteria or mold and will keep your shower smooth and streak-free. For this quick maintenance, you will only need a squeegee and a washcloth.

  1. Before exiting your shower, take a squeegee and wipe off the excess moisture from your shower walls.
  2. Next, using a washcloth, wipe off the knobs and the base of your showerhead. If you have a multiple shower head system, such as the Karoshome Eocony, you’ll want to wipe down the body jets, and the handheld showerhead as well.

Add these two simple steps to your shower routine to enjoy a clean, bacteria-free, shower anytime!  

 bathroom cleaning tips

Things to Avoid

When performing a thorough cleaning, there are a few things you want to avoid doing so that you do not damage the exterior and the look of your shower system.

  1. Do not over soak your shower parts in the cleaning solution. The chemicals in your cleaning solution can erode and damage the finish, ruining the look and performance of your shower. It is recommended that you do not soak your shower parts for more than 30 minutes. The soak time can also vary depending on the material and finish of your shower.
  2. Do not use a scrubber or sponge made of metal fibers. While you may feel that this will scrape and clean your shower with ease, it can end up leaving scratches and damage the look of your shower. This can take your bronze shower system from looking luxurious and pristine to dull and ruinous. Instead, use a scrubber or a sponge made of plastic fibers. The firm yet gentle fibers will provide efficient cleaning without the risk of scratches or damage.

Karoshome: Durable and Stylish

With Karoshome, you do not have to compromise style for durability! Our complete shower systems and multiple shower head systems are created with premium materials to withstand constant use and cleaning. We offer a variety of luxurious finishes that are designed to resist corrosion and water stains. Select from brushed nickel shower systems such as the Karoshome Qexle or brushed gold shower systems like the Karoshome Vionel to complement luxurious bathroom décor. We also offer matte black shower systems such as the Karoshome Leaper to create the ultimate modern bathroom.  Our modern shower systems feature thermostatic valves and Air Injection technology for safe, water-efficient, and spa-like showers from the comfort of your home.   


Upgrading your shower system is not a one-time event; after you have invested time and money in your shower set replacement, you must continue to properly care for your investment. Remember to research cleaning solutions and tools along with the effect they will have on your full body shower system to help you avoid costly mistakes. Cleaning and maintenance can be breezy and effective! Using the right materials and techniques with consistency on Karoshome’s top-rated shower systems will ensure a spa-like shower in a clean environment whenever you need it most.

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