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Whether you’re a morning shower person or an evening shower person, showering is an essential part of everyone’s routine. Choosing the best shower system for your needs will ensure that showering remains an enjoyable and stress-free part of your day. Before purchasing a shower system, you must consider several factors such as the difference between shower fixtures, the installation type, and your budget. In this buyer’s guide, you will find out the various types of shower systems, their benefits, and their drawbacks so that you can make an informed decision for your home. 

What does a Shower System Include? 

A complete shower system has more features than a traditional showerhead. These additional features will help elevate your basic shower to a luxurious spa-like experience. These features include valves, showerheads, hand showers, body sprays, water outlets, and volume controls.

Choosing the Right Shower Valves 

Thermal shock and scalding can be very easily caused. It is vital that you protect your family from them, especially if you have young children or elderly members. Installing anti-scald devices at shower fixtures is the most effective way to prevent this. There are two primary types of showering valves: Pressure Balanced and Thermostatic Shower Valves. 

1. Pressure Balanced Shower Valve

It works by sensing the hot water to cold water's volume ratio and continuously providing water at your chosen temperature. Keep in mind that pressure balance valves don't account for temperature. When you turn the control, the volume of water increases as you raise the temperature.

2. Thermostatic Valves Shower Valve

With the Thermostatic shower Valve, you can easily dial down the water flow without affecting the water temperature! The thermostatic Shower Valve is equipped with Karoshome’s Thermostatic Shower System which can be found in Karoshome’s Shower System Collection.

Which works best? As always, it depends on your preference and budget. A pressure-balance valve should be controlled easily. These valves are also generally more affordable than thermostatic ones. If, however, there are frequent and wild fluctuations in water pressure, you might find that a pressure-balance valve does not perform to its full potential. No matter which one you choose, at Karoshome, you can always find one that doesn't break your bank and also enable to provides you with a luxury shower experience. 

Selecting the Correct Shower Fixture and Configuration  

Before purchasing a shower system, you must assess your household to select the fixture and configuration that will meet your functional needs and complement your style. 

1. Fixed Showerheads

Fixed Showerheads are the most traditional option and are best if your household is comprised of adults who can shower with ease. Note that traditional options do not have to be ugly or dull! Karoshome has a variety of stylish and luxurious Fixed Showerhead options to build the bathroom of your dreams. Karoshome’s popular Rain Shower Heads allow you to experience a gentle and rain-like water stream every time you shower.

2. Body Jet Shower System

For people who are eager for the ultimate spa-like showering experience, Body Jet Shower System is the best choice. Shower System with Body Jet contains a showerhead, a group of body sprays, and the essential control fixtures. Body spray shower systems are not only a pleasure to use, but they are also a great investment in your home when properly planned. With more and more people seeing master bathrooms as a necessity, a multi-jet shower system is a great way to add value to your home. The showerheads will change the way you take a shower forever! Because they are functional and stylish! 

3. Handheld Shower

You can add a hand shower to your bathroom as one of the most useful fixtures. Hand Showers with Sidebars can be adjusted to whatever height you desire. You will no longer have to worry about those hard-to-reach spots.

4. Multiple Showerheads System

One of the benefits of Karoshome products is that you don’t have to choose just one fixture! Karoshome offers Multiple Showerheads System which includes a fixed showerhead, a convenient handheld showerhead, and tub spout, all in one!  


When purchasing a new shower system, it is also important to consider its ease of installation and its compatibility with your shower space. 

1. Exposed shower systems

Exposed shower systems are installed on top of your bathroom tile with the valves and shower pipe visible. Karoshome’s Exposed Shower System Exposed Shower System offer a simple and modern design, allowing it to blend perfectly with industrial décor. An exposed system is easy to install and to repair if there are any issues. However, if you have a small shower space, it may take up too much room and make your shower area seem cluttered. 

2. Concealed Shower Systems

Concealed Shower Systems require the valves and piping to be installed behind your shower tile for an elegant aesthetic. This will require more work such as opening your shower wall for installation or repair. Karoshome’s Concealed Shower Systems are available in an array of neutral colors, making them perfect for modern or minimalist décor. 

3. Shower Head Installation Type

Ceiling-mounted shower systems are increasingly popular because of their design and relaxing rain-like water stream. Karoshome’s Ceiling-mounted Shower System feature placement directly overhead, allowing for exceptional water coverage and hassle-free rinsing. However, if your bathroom is not already equipped with plumbing up to the ceiling, it can be a costly modification. If this is the case, a wall-mounted shower system may be your best option. Ordinary wall mounts installation type provides the typical direct water stream, but with Karoshome's Wall-mounted Shower System you can experience the luxury of a ceiling mount with the easy installation of a wall mount. 

Advanced Features 

After you have decided on the configuration and installation, you get to decide what kind of features you’d like your shower system to have. If you’re looking for a shower system that reduces water consumption, the Karoshome innovative Air Injection Technology is ideal for you. This technology pushes out air with every water droplet, delivering a softer and more robust flow at an efficient water flow rate. Additionally, you may want to consider a shower system that offers adjustable spray patterns. This will allow you to switch up the flow of water depending on your body’s needs. Switch to a pulsating spray pattern to relieve sore muscles after a long day or a powerful rain spray pattern for a refreshing jump start to your morning. 


Finally, you must determine how much you want to spend on a new shower system and water consumption throughout the year. State-of-the-art luxury shower systems can become a premium purchase with traditional big-box retailers. Fortunately, Karoshome’s product selection offers all the features and benefits of a luxury shower system at an affordable price point. Karoshome’s innovative and water-saving technology will also help you reduce your water consumption and lower your bill throughout the year. 


Selecting the best shower system for your home is an important decision that requires gathering information and careful consideration. Complete shower systems include many more features and functions than a traditional showerhead and you must determine which complements your household’s needs the best. Make sure to identify the type of shower valve, the shower fixture and configuration, the installation type, and their features available. Following the steps above will allow you to find a shower system that benefits your home, your wallet, and even the earth. 

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