Four Tips for Reducing Water Consumption while Showering

Today, it is more pressing than ever for households to be conscious of their water use. While water makes up over 70% of the planet, only about .05% is suitable for human consumption. We use water for nearly every home-based activity including cooking, cleaning, showering, and performing basic hygiene. Being that it is such a vital and limited resource, we must be aware of our day-to-day water consumption and do our part in minimizing water waste. Not only does reducing water consumption benefit the earth, but it also helps your budget! Reducing your household’s water consumption means lower water bills throughout the year. In this guide, you will acquire some tips on reducing your water use in the shower along with some examples of the best-rated shower systems for a happy wallet and a healthy planet.

Tip #1 – Reducing Shower Time

The first tip for reducing your water consumption is to reduce the time you spend in the shower. Experts advise that anywhere between 5 – 10 minutes should be enough time to thoroughly cleanse your body without wasting excessive amounts of water. Depending on your showerhead system, a shower this length would use approximately 12.5 – 25 gallons of water. Keeping your shower on the lower end of that spectrum will help you minimize your water waste while remaining as clean as possible.  

Tip #2 – Choosing the Proper Valves

Thermostatic Valves

As you learnt in the Buyer’s Guide,  while pressure-balanced valves get the job done and is a budget choice, they may not be the most water-efficient option. Thermostatic valves are featuers two or more handles. It allows you to control temperature and pressure separately. When used properly, thermostatic valves can help you conserve water. By allowing you to set your exact water temperature, you waste less time and water attempting to reach your ideal shower conditions. Thermostatic valves also provide the convenience of minimizing or stopping the water flow in between shower activities without altering the temperature. This allows you to stop the water when shaving or shampooing so that water only flows when you need it to.
Karoshome offers luxury shower systems with both pressure-balanced valves, such as the Wellcho Shower System with Hand Shower, and thermostatic valves, like the Jozz 10 Inch Shower System, so that you can decide on the best shower system for your function and style needs. Both our pressure-balanced and thermostatic shower systems are created to meet the federal flow rate standards while delivering impressive performance for water-efficient showering every time.  

Tip #3 – Choosing the Proper Showerhead(s)

Efficient Showerhead

Another important tip is to make sure you have the appropriate showerhead for your bathroom. You must know your showerhead’s GPM to understand how many gallons of water your showerhead is emitting per minute. According to federal standards, your showerhead should not have a GPM higher than 2.5. All of Karoshome’s showerhead units are designed with a GPM within the federal standard and are equipped with innovative Air Injection Technology that can also help reduce water waste. The technology adds air to each water droplet so you can enjoy a robust flow without the use of additional water. The water flow mimics natural rainfall for an enjoyable and guilt-free shower experience. A great option is the Karoshome Masa Rainfall Single Handle Shower System: with an impressively low GPM of 1.5!


Multiple Showerheads or Shower Systems

When thinking of ways to make your shower more efficient, you may also want to consider a multi-head shower system. Shower systems with body jets, much like the Karoshome Lamo LED Ceiling Mounted Jet System, offer multiple streams of water to help you rinse off quickly and with more ease. This can help you reduce the amount of time you spend in your shower and result in less water waste. With Karoshome, even our most high-pressure shower systems are designed to meet federal flow rate standards so that you can enjoy a luxurious spa-like shower while conserving water.

Tip #4 – Showers vs. Baths

Although we may all enjoy the occasional bath, we need to consider the water usage.  According to experts, filling a tub can use up to three times more gallons of water than if you took a 5-minute shower. While showering has been established as the most water-efficient option for all households, this does not mean that you must stop baths altogether. By reducing your daily water consumption in the shower, you can save more than enough water for the occasional bath.
Such as the Nomash Wall Mounted Tub Faucet, feature combinations of bathtub fillers and handheld shower, making them perfect for those users looking to reduce their water consumption while enjoying the occasional bath. Karoshome offers freestanding tub faucets and tub fillers options that meet the maximum flow rate guidelines and are designed to deliver at least 30% less water usage than traditional shower faucet systems.


Now that you’ve received these tips, reducing your household’s water consumption will be easier than ever before! Make sure to find out proper replacements for increased water efficiency and performance. Karoshome is just as committed to water conservation as you are; we can help you make sure your bathroom is equipped with the proper valves, showerheads, and appliances so that you can enjoy additional savings while caring for the earth.
Redude water consumption


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